Wedding Cake Flavors

Our flavor menu has been specifically curated to make certain your wedding guests will be swooning! All of our flavors can be created Gluten Free.

Neapolitan (Strawberry + Chocolate + Cream Cheese)

Caramel (Vanilla + Almond + Caramel)

Chocolate Mousse (Double Belgium Chocolate)

Lemon (Almond + Vanilla + Lemon)

Amaretto Apricot (Almond + Grand Marnier Apricot)

Vanilla Raspberry  (Vanilla Bean + Raspberry)

Red Velvet (Red Velvet + Cream Cheese)

Cherry Garcia (Almond + Cherry + Chocolate)

Sugar Cookie (Almond + Vanilla Bean)

Strawberry Lemonade (Strawberry + Lemon)

Carrot  (Cinnamon + Nutmeg + Carrot)

Candy Bar (Chocolate + Almond Nugget + Caramel)